Privacy Policy

The privacy policy below only applies by law to the UK and other EEA countries. However, because BoB clubs operate in other countries outside of the UK and EEA (including but not limited to Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and India) we ensure the same level of protection to BoB members in those countries too.

Business over Breakfast Ltd T/A BoB Clubs is registered with the I.C.O ( Information Commissioners office ) Certificate Ref No ZA365728

Business over Breakfast Ltd, and/or all the companies listed below based in the UK or EEC guarantee that we will never share, sell or rent your personal data.

When you sign up and pay by card to become a member of a BoB club your any of your data that is deemed by the I.C.O as personal will be added to the global database that is owed by Business over Breakfast Ltd and who is the Data Controller. Your data is also automatically shared exclusively with with no more than one of the companies listed below who operate the BoB club/s that you are a member of and that company is the Data processor for only those clubs. If a club/s changes ownership your business contact data will be transferred to the new operating company. If you apply to join a club and pay online by credit or debit card your personal data including your card details are automatically shared with PayPal. However, Business over Breakfast Ltd nor any of the companies listed below see nor store any card details as this is only used by PayPal in conjuction with the card issuer (ie: a bank). Business over Breakfast Ltd and each of the companies listed below are all covered by PayPal's PCI compliance policy. 

  • Business over Breakfast (North West ) Ltd 
  • Networking South East Ltd
  • 360 Networking Solutions Ltd  (Ceased operating BoB clubs on 27/03/2022)
  • 121 Networking Ltd
  • BoB Clubs Yorkshire Ltd
  • BoB Clubs Merseyside (Rana Verde Ltd)
  • Business over Breakfast Ireland Ltd T/A BoB Clubs Ireland
  • West Mercia Networking Ltd 
  • BoB Clubs Yorkshire Ltd
  • Sansprite Ltd 
  • West Country Networks Ltd
    • Full details of the above Data processors can be found at the foot of this webpage

Currently the only 3rd party company who can access our database and back office systems is Ltd who are our web development company and we have non disclosure agreement in place with that company  

How we obtain your personal data

  • As in the case of the majority of members, you will have entered your own contact data when you applied to become a member online
  •  You may have filled in a paper application form that was given to you or you downloaded from our website 
    ( Note: we stopped using this method in April 2022)
    • If you applied in this way your data will have been manually input by one of the above companies who are the Data processor and automatically shared with and auatomatically added to the online database of Business over Breakfast Ltd the owner and Data Controller of the Global database. After using the business contact data provided by you on the application form the Data processor will store the paper application form securely and destroy the form when you leave the BoB club that you were added to.
  • We may have been given your business contact data by Find Networking Events when you submitted an enquiry about a BoB club or booked to attend a BoB club via their webiste who are the data controller for that company and website

 You can add/amend/delete your personal data at any time during your current membership by clicking on this link Login to add/amend/delete my personal data or copy this URL and paste it into your browser


Data we may hold about you as a member 
Please note: Any data that we hold about you/your business is only data that you will have input

  • Your first name

  • Your surname

  • Your photograph

  • Your business or company name

  • Your company logo

  • Your phone number

  • Your mobile phone number

  • Your email address (which is no longer displayed on website solely to prevent robots harvesting email addresses from our website)

  • Your business postal address (If you work from home we strongly recommend that you do not add this information to your member profile)

  • Your business description

  • Links to your social Media accounts including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram and Skype and WhatsApp

  • Your Qualifications

  • Additional data we may hold about you

    • Recommendations you have received from members and non-members

    • Recommendations you have given other BoB club members

    • Referrals you have been given

    • Referrals you have received

    • Your attendance statistics

    • Invoices we have sent you

    • Your meeting receipts

    • People you have invited to visit a BoB club

    • Members who you have sponsored

    • Your one2one meetings with other members

  • Why we may need to contact you

    • When you are added as a member to the club you joined

    • To inform you of upcoming meetings

    • Automated meeting reminders

    • Meeting cancellations

    • Your membership renewal and invoice

    • To inform you that you have been given a referral

    • To inform you that you have been given a recommendation that you need to approve

    • To inform you that someone you have given a recommendation to has approved your recommendation

    • To inform you that someone you have invited to visit your BoB club has accepted your invitation

    • To inform you that a one2one request with another meber has been sent to that member

    • To inform you that another member has accepted your request to attend one2one meeting

    • To inform you that another member has requested to book a one2one meeting with you

    • Remind you of an upcoming one2one meeting

    • To send you a receipt after each meeting you have attended

    • When a new member joins your club

    • When your renew your membership

    • When another member of your club renews their membership

    • To inform you that your membership is being terminated for a reason/s stated in our Terms & Conditions

    • To send you a monthly report of your club activity, including any meetings you missed, how many visitors you did not meet, referrals that you need to view and action, recommendations you need to approve and other relevant information relating to your membership

    • To inform you of any new optional member benefits we may be able to offer you

  • If you are part of the club Leadership team - Why we may need to contact you (in addition to the above information for members)

    • To inform you that an enquiry has been received for your club/s

    • To inform you that someone has booked to visit your club/s

    • To inform you of the booking history over the last 18 months of someone who has booked to attend one of you meetings

    • To inform you that someone who has booked to attend a meeting and has notified us that they will not be able to attend the meeting they booked to attend

    • When a member has been added to your club/s

    • When a current member's membership expiry data has been changed

    • When a member has been deleted from your club/s

    • To infom you that the meeting reminder needs to be sent out 

    • To inform you that the actaul attendance of a meeting needs to be manually updated and meeting receipts need to be sent to members and visitors

Why we need your business contact data

  • You have no doubt joined your BoB club to promote your business to other members of your club, to people they know or meet with a view to you gaining referrals from those members and non members to do this you agree that you consent to us doing the following:
    • Display the information you have provided on the BoB website, on the BoB mobile App and on the printed meeting sheet that is made availble to both members and visitors at each meeting of your BoB club. We also allow members to add their business cards to the members only card box that is made available at each BoB club meeting and you understand and agree that: By adding your business card/s you are giving permission to anybody who has access to the cardbox to take your card and if they so wish add your details to their system and/or pass your card or your details onto anybody they meet or contact who they believe may wish to contact you for legitimate reasons. Should you not agree to this please do not add your business cards to the members only card box
  • How we may communicate with you

    • Email

    • Text

    • Mobile phone push notification

    • Phone call

    • WhatsApp

    • Skype

    • All other current and future social media platforms

    • Twitter

    • By post

  • How long will you keep my data after I resign or I am deleted from the BoB website?
    • We will keep your personal data for up to 7 years. However, BoB clubs licenced operators as shown above and below who are Data processor will no longer have access to your data after 90 days of your profile being removed from the club you are a member of
    • Please note that when we delete you as a member any business cards that you may have placed in the card box/es at the BoB club/s that you were a member will be removed and destroyed
    • You will be automatically be hidden from the BoB website and the BoB mobile phone App as a member 14 days after your membership expires - however should you renew your membership we will be able to re instate your public profile 
  • Why do you need to keep my personal data for up to 7 years?
    • We keep your data for this long so that we can provide you with meeting receipts and/or invoices for up to 7 years after you were deleted from the BoB website and we have to by law keep business records for this long
  • Can I request that my personal data is permanently deleted sooner than 7 years after I leave the BoB club I was a member of?
    • Certainly, just send an email to requesting to be removed, clearly stating your full name, company, your email address and the club you were a member of and we will permanently remove your personal data within 30 days. However, by deleting you all your meeting receipts and membership invoices will also be permanently deleted
  • Who is the Data Controller at Business over Breakfast Ltd ?
  • Who is the Data Processor at the club/s that I am a member of
    • BoB Clubs (North West) Ltd
      • Tracy Heatley  07812-076946
    • Networking South East Ltd - Ian Morgan
      • Ian Morgan  07702-783233
    • 121 Networking Ltd - David Rhodes
      • David Rhodes  07510-013851
    • BoB Clubs Yorkshire Ltd
      • Oliver Brant  07525-489474
    • BoB Clubs Merseyside  (Rana Verde Ltd)
      • Alan Higham  07956-368899
    • 360 Networking Solutions Ltd  (Ceased operating BoB clubs on 27/03/2022)
      • Wayne Farmer  07773-481203 
    • BoB Clubs Ireland
      • Jonathan Bell  +353-872540378
    • West Country Networking Ltd
      • Tim Phillips 07518-324447
    • West Mercia Networking Ltd
      • Richard Frazer 07494-328042
    • BoB Clubs Norfolk (Sansprite Ltd)
      • Nicolas Lee 01692-406655

* Exceptions

Should we receive a data request from any law enforcement agency, court, regulator, government authority or other third party where we believe this is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation.

Your rights

In preventing the use or processing of your personal data, it may delay or prevent us from fulfilling our contractual obligations to you. It may also mean that we may be unable to provide our services or process the cancellation of your membership.

You have the right to object to our use of your personal data, or ask us to delete, remove or stop using it if there is no need for us to keep it. This is known as your right to be forgotten. There are legal and accountancy reasons why we will need to keep your data, but please do inform us if you think we are retaining or using your personal data incorrectly.

Our Privacy Policy will have been made clear to you at the point when you signed up as a member of your BoB club/s. If you are an existing member we will have informed you of our Privacy Policy and you will have clicked to confirm that you accepted our Privacy Policy

You can view, edit or delete your personal data by logging into to the BoB clubs website using your email adddress and password.

Accessing and updating your personal & business data

It is your responsibility to maintain the accuracy of your information and ensure all your details, including but not limited to, name, address, title, phone number, e-mail address are kept up to date at all times. You must do this by updating your personal details by logging into the BoB clubs website.

Cookie Policy

Cookies enable us to identify your device, or you when you have logged in. We use cookies that are strictly necessary to enable you to move around the site or to provide certain basic features. We use cookies to enhance the functionality of the website by storing your preferences, for example. We also use cookies to help us to improve the performance of our website to provide you with a better user experience. 

We don’t sell the information collected by cookies, nor do we disclose the information to third parties, except where required by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies).

This website uses Google Analytics to provide entirely anonymous information about how many people visit it. This helps us to improve the website. If you don't accept cookies, you won't be included in these statistics from Google Analytics. You will still be able to use the website but the message will continue to appear at the top of the screen.

Where we store your Personal Data

All information you provide to us is stored on our secured server within the EEA. We only transfer data to countries outside the EEA in relation to provision of our membership services to members outside of the EEA. The laws in these countries may not provide you with the same protection as in the EEA; however, any third party referred to above outside of the EEA has agreed to abide by European levels of data protection in respect of the transfer, processing and storage of any personal data. If you are a member of a BoB club outside the EEA, you agree to this transfer and storage. However, we will ensure that reasonable steps are taken to protect your data in accordance with this privacy notice.

As the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our site and any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorised access.

We do not hold any sensitive payment card data in our database as this is held by PayPal who are therefore the data controller. We and all the 3rd party companies shown at the top of this page who operate BoB clubs are covered by PayPal's PCI compliance.

When you were added as a member of your BoB club/s we generate a random number password which you should change at the eariest opportunity. The password enables you to access certain parts of our website and the BoB clubs members only mobile phone App and you are responsible for keeping the password confidential. We ask you not to share your password with anyone. If you share you computer or mobile phone with anyone else please log out after using the BoB sysyem or mobile phone App to ensure that you data is not comprised.

Links to other websites

BoB Clubs may provide links to third party websites as well as to the website of all members of each BoB club. Since we do not control those websites, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of those third party websites. Any information that is supplied on these sites will not be within our control and therefore we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of these 3rd parties

Data Breaches

In the event of a data breach, we shall ensure that our obligations under applicable data protection laws are complied with where necessary.

Contact us

Please e-mail any questions or comments you have about privacy to us at

Your right to make a complaint

You have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner regarding how we process your personal data:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel: 0303 123 1113
Last updated 6th April 2022